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Ecosol Services Limited

Innovative Waste Disposal for the Oil & Gas Industry of Trinidad & Tobago.

Ecosol brings sustainable, environmental innovation to the

oil & gas waste disposal industry of Trinidad & Tobago. 

Ecosol: We are Here!
Ecosol Services Limited

Ecosol: We are Here!

We provide safe and efficient collection and transportation of liquid waste from our client's facilities straight to ours. Our Transport Team are well trained in handling the hazardous waste materials of our industry. We focus on safety, efficiency and environmental preservation.

Collection & Transport

of Waste

With the latest in elemental analysis equipment, we boast a custom designed on-site analytical laboratory. Its capable of quickly performing elemental waste profile analysis. This helps us to ensure that safe and effective operations and waste profiling is being carried out at all times. 

Our Lab Team, having been professionally trained  and highly sensitized to the needs of the industry, are proficient in lab tests and all the activities in line with the strict quality control standards of our industry. We want to make sure that the job is done right and done well. 

Analytical Services

We utilize two (2) Liquid Thermal Oxidizers at the core of our services. Waste is stored in industrially approved storage units and piped to our oxidizers where our technology allows for controls to ensure environmentally friendly oxidation. 

We have the capacity to receive, analyze and oxidize waste 24 hours a day accommodating routine waste disposal emergencies and turnaround services. 

Thermal Oxidation

Proudly Certified in:



Our Country

What if we could expertly produce and still be mindful of our precious land?

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Contact Us

Ecosol Services Limited 
10-11 Spring Road
Carapal Erin Trinidad W.I. 
Office: (868) 274-6435

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